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Search Genius SEO Perth


We Drive More Traffic, Leads & Customers To Your Website Than Any Other SEO Company


Our SEO campaigns are designed to act fast, get results and last the test of time.


All our SEO techniques are 100% safe and compliant with Googles guidelines so you’ll never suffer a penalty.


Our SEO is so secure that your competitors will never be able to figure out how you rank so they can’t copy you.


Whether your a small business servicing a local area, or a multi-national corporation, our SEO services are scaleable to meet your needs.

SEO Campaign Features

Here’s Why Search Genius SEO Beats All Other Companies

Our Proven 5-Step SEO System

The exact system we use to rank our clients with a 100% success rate.

Step 1: Planning & Keyword Researchblog8

The first step we go through is to ensure that we are targetting the right keywords to drive you revenue. We can see which terms generate the most revenue for your industry based on the prices that people are bidding on your Adwords. So I combine the highest revenue generating terms, with the ones with the largest traffic volume to give you the most upside potential possible.




blog13Step 2: On-Site Foundation

Once the planning is done, the single most important part of Perth SEO is to get your website fully optimized.

The first section is the ‘technical’ set up. During this phase we run several advanced SEO crawlers through your site to find any issues with the underlying infrastructure. We then fix these up to provide you with a solid foundation.

The second section is all about the ‘on-page elements’. These are optimizing things such as your Meta data, Heading tags, Image Alt text, Geo-tagging images, etc.

The third and most important phase is the content optimisation. During this phase we use keyword variations based on my latest research into scemantic search variations.

This third step is the secret to ranking in difficult markets as it gives more depth to your page and it is something that the majority of SEO companies fail to implement for small businesses.

The fourth part of your On-Page SEO is setting up and optimising your Google My Business listing. This gets you ranked in the maps listings at the top of the first page which is extremely valuable realestate.

The fifth and final part of our On-Page SEO set up, also known as the ‘Joel House Secret Sauce’ is to use cutting edge Schema on your website to help Google read it easily.


Step 3: Local SEO Optimizationblog2-300x300

The third step is where we lay the local foundation for your site. After everything is set up with your Google My Business is set up and optimized, our goal is to get it found ASAP. We do this by proving your authority with the following techniques…

Citation Links: These are critical for getting your Google My Business page ranked in the maps. They cover local, national as well as some major international directories and citations.

Industry Specific Links: Every industry has industry specific directories, associations and sites where you can get links from. We carefully research your market, local region as well as competitors links to ensure that you get every additional link possible.



blog11-300x300Step 4: Social SEO Optimization

Social SEO is extremely important in ranking websites in 2016. This is why its a part of our core ranking systems, rather than an after thought like many others.

Don’t worry – You don’t need to start posting to Facebook all the time. Our goal here is to simply set up a branded presense for your company across our 35 hand-picked networks to build your link foundation.



Step 5: Secret Sauce Link Buildingblog5-300x300

Once all of the foundations are laid on your website, I then move into step #4 – supercharged, sniper link building.

This is a link building approach that I’ve developed to rank individual product and services with sniper like precision.

It involves the variation of anchor text, with relevant articles, going out on high powered blogs around the internet. We carefully select the sites that you will get links from based on Majestic TrustFlow, which is I’ve found is the most accurate and effective metric to gauge links by.

This approach delivers great results while also protecting you long term as I focus on the power of the links, rather than volumes.

Once we get to this stage our goal is to keep linking until you are ranked #1 in Google, and then to continue so no one can beat you.

Its this last step that truly separates the results our clients. Its this last step that allows us to rank you for any keyword that you want and to help you attract the exact type of work that you want to do, and that is the most profitable for you.

Our Customers Love Us

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Read It From Them

Here’s More About Our Brisbane Search Engine Optimization Services

Welcome to Search Genius SEO Perth – Perth’s leading Search Engine Optimization Company.


As true experts in SEO, our goal is to help business owners just like you to get more traffic, exposure and ultimately money through Google Traffic.


If you’re reading this, then chances are you have found this page by searching google for a term like SEO Perth – which is one of the most difficult terms in Perth. As you’ve already seen, I’ve out-ranked dozens, if not hundreds of other Perth SEO companies who are fighting tooth and nail to rank here.


Just ask yourself – If I’ve beaten every other SEO firm in Perth this badly, imagine what I could do for your business?


Now, I want to take a moment to say congratulations. Your decision to invest in SEO is one of the smartest choices you can make for the growth of your business.


After many years in digital marketing, I’ve worked with nearly every technique available and I truly believe that SEO, more than any other technique has the power to transform how your business operates.


In only six-twelve short months (Depending on your industry) you’ll have a steady stream of enquiries arrive in your inbox each week. Your phone will be ringing with new leads who are not only calling, but who are active in the seeking the services that you want to deliver, not just what happens to come to you.


You see, leads that come through Search engine optimization in Perth have taken time out of their day to search for your service which means they are red hot and extremely easy to close versus those from paid advertising. Plus when you’re ranked #1 for your service, your instantly positioned as the leader in your field allowing you to charge a premium.


It’s this sort of consistent lead flow that will change your business and that will change your financial life forever.


In most cases, being #1 for most industries in Perth will bring you tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a month of new revenue.


So if you’d like to find out more about how SEO can work for you, and you’d like to get your business to the top of Google, then scroll up and fill out the discovery form, and I’ll be in touch with a video analysis very shortly.


Below I’ve gone into depth to explain a bit more about about exactly what SEO is, and what it can do to help you today!


What Is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practise of strategically modifying and adjusting various elements on your website in order to improve your relevance and ability to rank in the search engines. For any business looking to succeed and build a strong and long term lead flow, SEO is an essential pillar in your marketing arsenal. SEO is a long term marketing tactic as it does more than just build your rankings, it also increases brand awareness, website traffic and customer loyalty.


Because of the importance of SEO in the business world, countless SEO companies have started, and are all competing for top results for keywords such as ‘SEO Perth’. As you are reading this, you know that we’ve beaten them and are high on the first page. Keep reading to find the benefits of working with a Perth SEO Expert.


Increased Visibility


SEO provides your business with the ability to get increase visibility. The idea is that when people are searching for your product or service in Google, that they will see your website. This leads to one of the 23 touches that are needed on average to convert someone into being a buyer. Studies have shown that consumers believe that business who are ranked at the top of the first page are higher quality, better value, and are generally the best in the industry. Working with a Perth SEO Company can help your business get ranked higher in Google and increase your visibility. This will increase your website traffic, while also boosting your profits at the same time.


High ROI


When designed properly by a reputable Perth SEO Firm, your campaign can provide a very high ROI. It’s important that you check if your company has the necessary experience and project plans to execute a SEO campaign for your industry and profession. We have developed customised plans in dozens of industries with huge success, and are equipped to boost the rankings, traffic and profits of your business website. When done right, SEO leads to a lower cost per lead than Pay-Per-Click advertising, social media and even direct marketing or cold calling. This leads to higher business profits for you, all on auto-pilot.


Traffic Generation


Website traffic and website visibility are very closely connected. When your site has increased visibility, if done right your website traffic will also increase as your rankings increase. This in turn helps boost your brand awareness. You see, as your traffic increases, so does your brand awareness, which in turn increases your click through rate in Google, boosting your search results higher. This cycle of business growth all starts with SEO ranking as the catalyst to launch your long term growth strategy.

Increase in revenue


The main aim of your marketing is to increase the revenue generated in your business. Perth SEO will help drive more traffic to your website which has a direct impact on the revenue that your business makes. If the additional traffic doesn’t increase your revenue or leads, then it is a good indicator that your website has core issues with conversion, functionality or trust.


Credibility of your brand increases


As your website gets ranked highly in Google, consumer trust and belief about your business changes. They believe that the business that is ranked #1 is the best, so by ranking highly your credibility also increases. This gives you the ability to keep customers longer, charge premium prices, and even be more selective with the work that you want to take on.


Works for you 24/7


Search Engine Optimization works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your website is constantly available at the top of Google, and your SEO is constantly pushing new leads through your site. It doesn’t matter if the sales people have gone home for the day, or if its a long weekend, you’ll come back with a inbox full in inquiries ready and waiting for your phone call.


Permanent Results.


With SEO Perth your results remain long after you stop paying. Unlike Adwords or banner ads which stop showing the moment you stop paying, your SEO is an investment in a long term traffic flow for your business.


All of this is possible when you work with one of the leading Perth seo companies.


In business there are winners and losers, and in Google if you’re not ranked in the three, then you fall into the bracket of a loser. If your competitors are beating you today, and you’d like to out rank them and take market share, then get in touch today and get your Perth SEO Service going immediately.